31 Days for a Life Reset



Last year I participated for the first time in the Nester’s 31 Days writing challenge. It was great but I admit I only did about 21 days or so. This year I had an idea to work through a topic I am applying in my own life and post here on the blog daily and also use my facebook page for further discussion.

This October I’m considering what it means to have a life reset, to re-direct, reclaim and take back our time, relationships, life.

Will you join me in as we explore:

What needs to be put back into its original place or position in your life?

What is broken that needs to be re-set for healing (even if it hurts)?

What beautiful thing in your life needs a new setting?

Some posts will be short, others longer. There might even be some homework if you decide to join along all I can say is that my hope is that life will not be the same come November. Join me!

Day 1- Reset: Introduction

Day 2-Reflect: Permission & Pause

Day 3-Real: Showing Up

Day 4-Remember:Marking Point

Day 5-Rest

Day 6-Review: A Matter of Time

Day 7-Revisit: Identifying Values

Day 8-Reorder:Priorities and Making First Things First

Day 9-Revise:Gaps and Discrepancies

Day 10-Remove: On What Gets in the Way

Day 11-Refuel

Day 12-Rest

Day 13-Redirect:Time to Move

Day 14-Replace: On Attitude Adjustment

Day 15-Recess: Midpoint Break

Day 16-Reclaim: Time Adjustment

Day 17 Refocus: Attention Adjustment

Day 18 Recap: Where We’ve Been So Far

Day 19-Rest

Day 20 Redefine: Adjusting Expectations

Day 21-Redesign: On Goals and To-dos

Day 22-Recommit: On Discipline

Day 23-Re-imagine: What Does a Reset Look Like?

Day 24-Resist: On Setting Boundaries

Day 25-Reach Out: On Accountability

Day 26-Rest

Day 27- Re-evaluate: On Seasons

Day 28- Restore

Day 29-Repair: On the Hard Resets

Day 30-Replenish

Day 31- Daily Resets