Reach Out: On Accountability



Sorry friends, I mean to have this go out on Saturday as the weekend post but. . .  life. So you’ll see two posts today. 

Only a few days left before we wrap up the Reset series so I thought it would be a good time to talk about accountability.

As a coach, this is something I deal with a lot. Women often seek out coaching because they want additional accountability in reaching a goal. They want someone to hold them accountable; someone who will check in and see how they are progressing towards that goal. In a coaching relationship, I am often that person.

However, as an individual I also need to be held accountable.

Having an accountability partner can be incredibly valuable when desiring to live with purpose and setting goals. They can offer encouragement and support as well as just being a friend to share ideas with about the direction you’d like to be heading in and what you think it will take to get there. And the best part is that it can be a mutually beneficial relationship where perhaps your friend could also use some accountability with a challenging area in his or her life.

This weekend week, I would encourage you to seek out a person you trust. Someone who has earned a right to speak into your life and who you would consider to be a safe person that can help you work toward achieving your goals. Reach out to this person and share some of your struggles and areas where you are hoping for a reset. Ask them to check in periodically with you to see how you are progressing.


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