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Re-evaluate: On Seasons

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On thing that I believe is important as we consider a “re-set” is to think about what season we may find ourselves in.

Remember a while ago I talked about expectations and trying to fit into other people’s jeans? Well similar challenges can arise when we try to fit into our own “jeans”/life from several years ago or from other seasons/stages in our lives.

For example do we expect to be able to balance everything in the same way we did:

  • before we got married
  • had children
  • went back to school
  • became a single parent
  • went from one to two kids
  • experienced a major health issue
  • went back to work, etc

Life is made up of seasons. Some are busier than others, and there are some where more will be expected of us than others. Seasons, when one relationship may need extra nurturing, where one project may require extra time and attention, one dream may need to be put on hold for just a bit longer.

Take some time to consider: What are some specific challenges or responsibilities you are facing in this season of your life? How can you show yourself more grace? Are there things that can be let go of for a time? 

Let’s enter this reset marking point with flexibility, acknowledging that this may not be the time to reset every aspect of our life that feels off but that there may be opportunity to progress and realign some areas or that this may be a challenging season that will pass and there will be opportunity for other resets in the future.


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