What if your best friend was a bible study teacher? With Zohary Ross, that’s exactly how you’ll feel. Zohary loves to share her excitement for studying Scripture to help women become emboldened and experience lasting transformation through the power of the living Word of God.

Drawing from personal experience, the timeless truth of Scripture, a splash of research and some illustrations from popular culture Zohary will bring a message that will speak to your women right where are.


Zohary is available to speak at your women’s ministry or moms group/MOPS  events.

Topics include:

Aligned Parenting: “If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there.”  In this message based on the Aligned Parenting Workbook ,  Zohary will guide you through defining your family’s unique strengths and values in order to design and build a meaningful home culture. She’ll share tips for being intentional about selecting activities that are alignment with your MOST importants and give family permission to do things differently.

In Due Season: Drawing from the book of  Galatians we’ll explore what  it looks like to not grow weary of doing good. Zohary will share around seasons both in the natural world (spring, summer, fall, winter) and seasons in our walk of faith.  And how each comes with opportunities and limitations as well as specific “fruit” that is unique to each season. We’ll also look at how fear can be the greatest threat to growth and how it is by abiding in Christ that we’re able to not give up, though our physical bodies may grow weary it is the Spirit that enables us to not give up.

Living the Dream: Discovering Delight in Your Actual Life
Is the grass green where you live or are you constantly looking at other lawns? In this message Zohary shares about why we must learn to release the life we thought we’d have in order to find delight in our actual story. Join Zohary in letting go of the hustle for Pinterest perfect and instead choosing to live S L O W (Seeking Life Opportunities for Wonder and Worship) by going on intentional scavenger hunts to find beauty and delight in our people, places, through prayer and in our position as God’s beloved.

Practicing in the Middle: Spiritual Disciplines for Moms
Does the word discipline make you break out in hives? Do you struggle with finding 5 minutes to use the bathroom alone much less have “quiet time”? In this talk Zohary will share how practicing  the spiritual disciplines of prayer, meditation, study, worship, etc., can bring freedom to our overwhelmed souls and wake us up to God’s loving presence:

  • In the middle of motherhood
  • In the middle of the mess
  • In the middle of the difficult relationships
  • In the middle of the heartache

Because He wants to meet us right where we are.

(Holiday Message) Wholehearted Holidays: Trading in the To-dos for Meaningful Traditions                
If you look for me wholeheartedly, you will find me. Jeremiah 29:13.

Is it getting harder and harder to find Jesus in all of the busyness of the holiday season?

Do the sounds of Christmas carols playing make your feel joy and excitement or do you cringe with anxiety at the thought that the holidays are just around the corner?  Do you feel like all is calm and bright or do you have a minor panic attack at the thought that you might not get the perfect family photo your Christmas cards? Are we more caught up with getting the “perfect presents” than  being perfectly present? There is a different way.

In this talk Zohary shares how to get what we really want during the holidays; peace, simplicity, meaningful moments with loved ones, etc., by first creating space for the ONE we celebrate. 

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