What I Learned in February

I’m totally late but for the sake of consistency wanted to share what I learned in February.

Since it was a short month I’ve only got a few but here goes:

  • Valentine’s Day is still fun to celebrate even when you’ve been married for a while 🙂 This year the hubby and I were blessed to spend the day on a double date at the Pebble Beach Pro Am with our very good friends.
  • I’m still a little bit of a 16 yr. old girl- the way I devoured the Divergent series made it pretty clear that I’m a sucker for a teen love/action “let’s try to save the world before we all die” story. And I’m totally OK with that, there is definitely a time and place for reading for pure entertainment.
  • I learned how to write a book proposal at the West Coast Christian Writers Conference just over a week ago. I attended the non-fiction writing track that was led by Bill Giovannetti and it was excellent. Now, I just need to um . . . get organized so I actually have a book that I want to propose. . .
  • Everyone likes tacos! Well everyone in my family at least meaning all 4 kids and the hubby and I (yay). There are few things we ALL like and tacos apparently is one.
  • Heaven is going to be amazing.  I know because I got a tiny taste of it last weekend when I was baptized at my church (I’ll share more about that in another post later in the week). But it was an absolute party filled with so many people we love. So many friends came out to celebrate with me that my heart was FULL. I can only imagine how absolutely wonderful it will be when we are all together with all of the saints in His presence.
  • Giving something up is only one way to celebrate Lent- this year I’ve been reading along with Ann Voskamp’s A Lent to Repent and Refresh. From today’s reading “By Grace, today I will fast from worrying because it dethrones God. Today I will not be a persistent worrier but a prayer warrior. . . “



Baby goats are wonderful and we learned how goat cheese is made at the Harley Farms: This one I technically learned on March 1st but throwing it in here because baby goats make everyone happy and I needed to share the love.

Ready to make some goat cheese


What did you all learn in February???

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  1. ZRoss and a goat – that made my day. Maybe we can eat tacos sometime. Maybe I’ll let you in on the secret that I might be in your neighborhood in a couple of weekends……

    Then you can teach me about goat cheese!

  2. What a fun post. Congrats on your baptism! I had not heard about this writing conference- it looks interesting. What are thinking your book will be about?

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