Aligned Parenting Workbook

Designing an Intentional Home Culture that Aligns with YOUR Family’s values

Just like our bodies can ache when out of alignment, our families will suffer when our time, habits and actions are not aligned with our core values, passions and priorities. Yet, implementing a plan where our values are consistently applied in our home culture can be tricky. Aligned Parenting Workbook is a tool for any parent who wants to move beyond simply parenting in “defense” mode; responding to issues when they come up to embracing the role as of designer of your home culture with your values as its building blocks. Join Zohary as she walks your through several exercises to determine “what” you want your family to be about, how to actually live that out in practical steps and how to stay and keep your family in “alignment”. The Aligned Parenting Workbook is for:

  • Parents of young children who want to be intentional about creating a home culture that aligns with their family’s values.
  • Parents of teenagers that want to maximize the impact of the remaining years their children will be home.
  • Couples who don’t have kids yet but want to be proactive about designing the home they want to raise a family in.
  • Pretty much anyone who’s feeling like their family has gotten a bit of track and are ready to change course.


  • Identify your strengths and values
  • Consider the specific tools, experiences and knowledge you want your child(ren) to leave home with one day
  • Create an environment of trust in your home
  • Set realistic expectations
  • Consider your family’s seasons and rhythms
  • Create meaningful rituals and traditions

And more. . .

The Aligned Parenting Workbook will help your family:

  • Define-You will identify your family’s values and create a lexicon that is unique to your home culture. This will create the foundation that will be used to craft your aligned home.
  • Design-You’ll then take the word bank you’ve identified and build on those concepts by designing the framework your family will operate from. We will cover some key building blocks needed to establish a firm foundation for building a family and home culture that is in line with what you deem most important.
  • Align-You will put all of the pieces together and look at some helpful tools for living with alignment of values and actions –essentially creating meaningful practices to keep your family living out what you believe..

Check Out What Other People Are Saying About This Ebook

This is INCREDIBLE! An absolutely amazing tool! And beautiful, too! I can’t wait to work on this when my hubby comes home next month. I can easily see this being a resource our family turns to over and over again during the next 11 years before we unleash our boys on the world.

– Liz Giertz, My Messy Desk

This IS the handbook I wish I had when my kids were growing up.  Zohary has done a GREAT job of distilling down tons of parenting and family advice into something concise that hits the high points and is very do-able.  I love it.

– Christa Hutchins, Do A New Thing

I love the idea of focusing parenting (and therefore a whole family) on values. But even more than that, I loved having some practical help doing that. When you’re a busy parent, sitting down to figure out what you value and how to parent with those in mind feels like the very last thing you have time for. But with the worksheets and exercises in “Aligned Parenting,” Zohary Ross makes that easy and achievable.

– Sarah Winfrey

Oh how I wish Zohary’s Aligned Parenting book was available when I first started a family. But I’m so glad it is now. I look forward to using the worksheets, especially the “setting boundaries” and “creating a family purpose statement” to help my family live out our values and priorities. Aligned Parenting is a much-needed resource that I will turn to year after year.

– Kim Stewart, Kim Stewart VA

This book gives you all the tools you need to cast a vision for your family and make a plan to carry it out. Ross helps you discover your family’s strengths, values, and purpose through a series of exercises. The questions make you think deeply about what your real priorities are and formulate a plan to be intentional about giving your attention to those priorities.  There are many free resources that you can find to help you create a family vision statement, but Ross goes so much farther than just creating the vision.  She helps you design a plan to carry it out.

– Michelle Armbrust



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