Revise: Gaps and Discrepancies



We’ve spent the last few days clarifying and ordering our values and priorities. Most likely though, if you’re like me and in need of a re-set you’re probably noticing that these values are not reflected in how we are actually spending our time.

A couple of things could be happening. . .

  1. There may be some gaps. For example, yesterday I said that one of my values is creativity. And once upon a time I was able to sit at my sewing machine and play with fabric and color, etc. for hours but unfortunately my current schedule leaves little room “creating”. And I feel it; there is a void where something that I value is not being represented in my life. Perhaps you have some gaps as well?
  2. Priority overload. Maybe you have so many values that there just isn’t enough time to spend on all of them. You want to do it all and then feel overwhelmed, overcommitted and just over it because you’re not able to enjoy meaningful interactions. I would suggest that you pick the 3-4 values that are MOST important to what you want to be about and measure all other activities again them.
  3. You’re constantly putting out fires. I understand. So much. There are time when what is important has to take a back seat to what is urgent. An illness, work emergency or difficult relationship that is taking up all of your time and emotional energy. I would recommend that you keep your priorities as consistent as possible but show yourself grace, knowing this is a season and it will pass and when it does you can live out your priorities as you truly desire.
  4. Values get lost in translation. . .  you mean to focus your time and energy on your family, friends, career, etc. but in practice you just get caught up “doing” all of the other things. Or perhaps you see your career as a way to love on your family (and it is) but you spend so much time at work that you rarely get to experience times of connection with your family. Hopefully “auditing” your time this week has been helpful in identifying activities that are not in line with your values. (Soon we’ll address this further)

Today let’s just identify where we’re noticing the gaps or discrepancies between our values and what we want our priorities to be and how we are spending our time. Is there too much time and energy being spent on one thing and not enough on others? Are there areas (or worse, people) that we are completely ignoring that desperately need our attention? Are we just filling up on mind-numbing activities and have little time for what really matters?

The goal is to “close the gaps”.

Tomorrow we’ll cover some of the things that get in the way and talk about how to remove some of the so that we can live more “aligned”.


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