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Tell me if this sounds familiar at all to you. You sit down at the computer for “a few minutes”, maybe you’ve got a project you want to work on, say you want to organize your garage. So you look for some ideas online, then head over to Pinterest for some more and before you know it you’ve spend several hours reading dozens of articles on organization. The number of hours actually spent organizing your garage. Zero.

Or perhaps you really want to be a good mom. It’s a good thing to want. So you read all the books and the blogs and get all of the cute ideas from magazines and pin all of the fun ideas for things to do together and you learn from all of the experts but you’re realizing that it’s taking up a lot of your time and you actually don’t have a ton of time or energy to just sit and play with your small child.

We live in a time of information overload. We can easily find facts, opinions, and personal narratives about every topic under the sun. And it can be paralyzing. At least it can be and has been for me, I’ve written about my “cultural fatigue” and continue to struggle with it.

Our intentions may be good but we need to play close attention to our execution; to how the choices that we make are actually playing out in our lives.

In his book The Principle of Path, Andy Stanley says this, “It’s crucial we make better decisions, because our decisions will set the courses of our lives.”

If you’re in need of a “reset” it is likely because you have been going down a path that’s not in line with your values and priorities and you would like to get back on course. Perhaps you’ve made some decisions that have led you farther away from where you’d like to be but it’s not too late.

This week we’ll be talking about making some critical adjustments in our attitude, time, attention, expectations and goals. This is going to require us to not just read and gather information about things but to make a move, perhaps several moves to redirect our course.

Today think about the things we’ve already talked about; values, priorities, distractions and other things that get in the way. And consider what area in your life is most in need of a course correction. What direction have you been heading down and why is it not working? Perhaps a relationship, lifestyle, unhealthy habit, financial situation, work. Or maybe you really DO need to get your garage organized. In any case this week be prepared to make some moves.



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