You have made us for yourself, O Lord, and our hearts are restless until they rest in you. -St. Augustine

I find myself get restless often. I get overwhelmed by the number of good things that I can give my time and attention. But still I feel something missing.

Lately, I’ve been feeling incredibly thirsty; spiritually thirsting for more of God. Yesterday there was a World Series game 7 happening with my team that I wanted to watch and I had kids that needed to get to AWANA, chores to take care of etc. But there was also a worship and communion service going on at church that I felt I needed to go to. There was a soft whisper that I too often ignore telling me that’s where I needed to be.

The other things were all good but I knew attending the service was my best yes. It was exactly what I needed. I left feeling refilled and then walked out of service to the news that our team had won. (Go Giants!)

How often though do we fill up on distractions, entertainment, doing; thinking that it will somehow fill up all of our deep longings. If only I ____then I’ll be good. Can anyone relate?

It has become very clear to me though that in my pursuit of “doing” all the good things I had left little margin for the God things. The unique activities and experiences that fill my soul so that I can fully participate and engage with the other priorities in my life.

I have been reading Bill Hybel’s book Simplify and he talks about how we can live in a constant state of overwhelm and exhaustion but we can replenish our energy reserves and refill our “buckets” by crafting out space for things like:

  • Connecting with God
  • Family
  • Satisfying Work
  • Recreation
  • Exercise

Perhaps your own list of “replenishers” would include other things. As we approach the near end of this “reset” series consider:

What area of your life are you most thirsty in? Think about the things that replenish you; the ones that make you feel alive and whole.

Does your current schedule reflect the importance of these activities? If not, what can you move around to create space to be refilled so that you can move forward with more energy and authenticity?


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