In Which I Share About My Elephant


I spent yesterday morning at Panera while my kids’ favorite sitter made paper stars with them for a couple of hours. What was I doing there you might ask?

Well as I worked over summer I found myself repeating the phrase to several of my clients “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. “

But I said it to myself a few times as well. You see I’ve had a BIG elephant I have been staring at for months. Really, I’ve been stuck since about May.

That’s when I participated in Infopreneur Book Month- InfoBoMo and when I started really getting serious about writing a book, a workbook actually. I made a good deal of progress during the challenge but then I. Got. Stuck.

I got completely overwhelmed by the idea of writing a book and started listening to the “gremlins”. You know, that ones that say “no one will ever read it, it’s a dumb idea, you don’t have it in you to finish”, etc.

From finding time to do write blogs posts, work with clients, homeschool my kids, love my husband, do “all of the things”, and then add new projects, lead bible study, etc. I had been feeling overwhelmed. So I was any easy target for the “noise”.

But, I prayed. I asked God to show me if this was a worthwhile use of my time because if it was I didn’t want to be a quitter but if it wasn’t then I needed to let it go.

And several times in different ways over the last few months He confirmed that it was.

  • When my good friend mentioned casually that she and her husband had worked through some of the exercises included in the book and they had both found them incredibly helpful
  • When another friend mentioned that this was the exact tool she was needing for her family
  • When I surveyed 100 moms and their responses lined up with the need for this resource

I really believe in this project. It’s the kind of book I wish I would have had as a young mom and I want to make it available for others.

So I had to shut the gremlins up with some truth. And take my own advice.

While writing this book might seem like a HUGE elephant. The reality is that it is totally manageable. I just had to break it down into bites.

And really I’ve already eaten about 60% of the thing. I just need to get disciplined about finishing.

So my goal for October is to finish the book. To add the missing content and have it out for editing by end of the month.

Which is why I started the month off by taking a bite and hiring my babysitter for a couple of hours so I could write.

There are other elephants I’m working on as well; organizing our garage and cleaning out my son’s room to name a few. So I’ll be sharing different examples of bites over the next few weeks as my friend Christa and I will be sharing tips and resources to help you break down your own elephants.

If you haven’t met Christa yet, head over to her blog and read about her “elephant’ story. She is a great resource and I’m super excited to be doing this series with her.

What elephants are you staring at friends? Want some company while we work on them together? We have a private FB group set up for community and accountability where all of us elephant-eaters will be cheering each other on this month. Join us there for more discussion, help and resources!

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