What I Learned in March


You Guys! It’s been a long time since I did a “what I learned” post but I was inspired to start again. SO, in no particular order here are a few things I learned in March (actually in the first part of the year):

  1. This is my 20th high school reunion year. I didn’t do the math so I had kind of spaced about it until I got an invitation for an alumnae luncheon. 20 YEARS! That seems kind of crazy peeps.
  2. Speaking at your home church is a little terrifying. A few weeks  I shared a  bit of my story with the lovely women at my church. And I really don’t mind speaking at all but there’s something about being up on the same stage that your beloved senior pastor preaches at every weekend that’s a little unsettling. I think it went OK though.
  3. Related to #2 I speak with my hands a lot. I think it’s part of my latina blood but also when coaching or leading workshops I use my hands a lot to make a point so. . . that’s probably a thing I should work on or maybe not?
  4. I have missed blogging. I really have and while writing a book was great, it also took the majority of my writing time so now I’m excited to get back at (hopefully) weekly posts.
  5. I’m OK with going gray, for now. Let’s just say that I have more than “a few” grays happening right now and I was pretty sure I’d get my hair colored as soon as that started happening but no, I’m actually embracing them and wearing them as sort of a badge of honor; feeling like I’ve earned them. But I may change my mind at some point.
  6. Having a child who can drive is exciting and terrifying. Recently we helped my 16 year old middle son get a car. He’s a pretty good driver but it’s still a little scary but it’s also really great when he offers to bring a latte from Starbucks.

What I read :

What I watched:

Room– Wonderful but so intense!

Brooklyn– Great film, really beautiful.

Zootopia– So fun, I think I liked it more than the kids. 😉 

Also as a family we’ve been watching the last season of American Idol


That’s it for now friends. See ya next week! -z

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  1. I feel ya’ on the being terrified to speak at your home church. I’m preparing to do that in a few months, and am already getting some butterflies! Glad to hear you thought it went well.

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