Good Things Mug and Umbrella Set-Review and Giveaway

Did I mention I love the month of May? I think I did and so in honor of my favorite month I get to have one last giveaway! Yay!

Good Things - He Fills My Life with Good Things - Mug & Umbrella Gift Set image
A few months ago my husband broke my mug. It was a total accident and he confessed right away. But this was quite a tragedy in my home as there are few things in the house that belonged exclusively to me, that was one, my Ramen bowl is another. (Yes, I occasionally have Ramen, don’t judge.) Anyway, I had not been able to find a replacement I like as much as the one that broke but then. . .
The lovely people at DaySpring sent me the Good Things Mug & Umbrella Gift Set to review and they’re letting me give one set away to a reader. Yay, I love being able to share stuff.
This set is super cute. I have officially found my replacement mug, which I totally love. And I now have a super awesome umbrella for when the rain falls. I know you’re thinking its summer, you don’t need an umbrella but we live in the Bay Area so it’s actually quite possible that we may use an umbrella over the summer. Not to mention that I always lose umbrellas so now I will be prepared for when the rain does come.

The umbrella is made of nylon and has a cute paisley print all over. It has “I will bless the Lord” Psalm 103:2 written on it and it also has a nice, sturdy wooden handle.

My mug

The mug is so sweet. It also has a nice flower print. And it has an ergonomic handle. My favorite is the inside, because there’s a lovely butterfly printed at the bottom that you get to see when you’re done with your coffee. And it says “He fills my life with good things”, Psalm 103:5.

Who wouldn’t want to have morning coffee in that?

Now who wants one? Leave me a comment and let me know what you like to drink in the morning. Coffee, tea? Something else? Do you have a favorite mug or something else that’s exclusively yours?

In celebration of May, you have until the evening of the 31st to be eligible to win. Winner will be announced on Friday, June 1st.

Winners must reside in the US (sorry my Canadian friends)

** I was provided with a two of the Good Things Mug and Umbrella sets by DaySpring to 1) review and 2) giveaway to a reader. I received no additional compensation. 
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  1. Pick me! Pick me! I love this mug and verse!
    usually I enjoy a cup of decaf, heavy on the cream with a teaspoon of maple sugar! I love to drink it in my large black starbucks mug.

  2. COFFEE MUGS!!! I love coffee mugs, mostly because I love COFFEE!!!! I also have a special mug that would break my heart if it broke. I call the “pink bird of happiness” mug because it’s pink, has a bird on it, and says “happiness”. I know, I’m SUPER creative. My first thought in the morning is coffee. I would LOVE to win!!!! Thanks for the giveaway and thanks for linking up!!

  3. They are beautiful. In Texas we use umbrellas at soccer games in the spring and summer to protect us from the sun!

    I drink coffee with milk and sweetener every morning in one of my Polish pottery mugs.

    I’d love to win the set. I think my 8 yo daughter will want the umbrella!

  4. Soooo cute! I like to drink tea or a mocha mix I find at a local grocer. I love a cute cup in the morning regardless of what’s in it. The cup helps set the tone for my day!!!

  5. Soooo cute! I like to drink tea or a mocha mix I find at a local grocer. I love a cute cup in the morning regardless of what’s in it. The cup helps set the tone for my day!!!

  6. I love the butterfly in the bottom. Usually I drink my decaf on the go in my travel mug so this would force me to slow down. 🙂

  7. I love my morning coffee, I prefer flavored coffee and my favorite is Camerons’ Southern Toasted Pecan. My husband says I take my coffee like I am…sweet and blond. In the afternoon or evenings, I usually take tea but I always use a delicate tea cup for that.

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