What Saying "Yes" Can Look Like- Part 1 Chasing Kite Tails

I think I’ve mentioned a few times about how I’ve been on this journey of saying “yes” to God, to life, to opportunities. Well there’s been a lot going on for me and I thought I would spend some time this week by sharing some examples of what saying “yes” can look like.

A lot of what’s been developing in my life has kind of been happening simultaneously so Part 1 isn’t exactly the beginning but it’s where I’ll start. I will attempt to share a part of my story with you but it won’t all be chronological and there are many characters and plots involved that I just can’t cover EVERYTHING, but I think you’ll get the picture. Join me. . .

Part One-Chasing Kite Tails

The Kite Project

A little over a month ago I “met” the lovely Rae Brown. We’re actually in a Facebook group together but I’ll share the details on that later on. Well she posted some info about this Kite Project she was doing on her blog and I decided to check it out. The goal was to start a group of “dreamers”; a movement of dreams. 20+ women signed up to work toward accomplishing a dream/goal by September.

Naturally, being one to eagerly sign up for just about anything I said YES, sign me up!  I saw this as a great opportunity for some accountability. I have many, many goals and projects that I would love to work on but have a hard time getting started and an even harder time finishing (yes, weakness).

Yup, that’s me with my “goal”, you can click here to see all the goals

So I just took a very simple goal that I’ve had, to start and finish a quilt by September. See I like quilting. A Lot. I’m not quite to the point where I can say I love it because it’s hard sometimes (but I do kinda love it :). The problem is that I’ve started many quit projects but don’t seem be able to finish them because I get distracted, busy, tired, etc.

But I thought this is a perfect opportunity to do something I’ve been meaning to do for a while anyway and I’ll get some encouragement along the way AND I’ll get this cute little kite from Rae at the end. And I thought that was it.

Of course when I think “and that’s it”. . . God often has plans that are bigger than what I’m thinking so basically things have kind of come together in a way that has led to something more than just I’m going to make and finish a quilt by September (although I am still planning on doing that).

But part 2 of the story next time . . .

Friends, are there goals you’ve been putting off for one reason or another? Can I encourage you along the way? I’m hoping to create a mini “kite project” right here, so leave a comment if you’d like some encouragement or accountability or if you’d rather not share publicly, send me an email. I’d be happy to support you on your own journey. Hugs!
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  1. I want to remake our home into a calm place of refuge that is both filled with joy and relaxation – a place to sink into at the end of the day and a place to celebrate during the day.

    1. Megan, what a great goal! What kinds of changes are you thinking about? Are you on Pinterest yet? Could be a good way to keep track of ideas for things that inspire you. 🙂

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