Whispers of Rest- A Review

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So I think by now you all know I like to read right?

Well one of my favorite books is Finding Spiritual Whitespace by Bonnie Gray. Honestly it was life-changing for me the first time I read it and I still refer back to it often. So when I heard that Bonnie was coming out with a second book, I was pretty excited.

And her new book Whispers of Rest does not disappoint. It is an absolutely beautiful 40-day devotional that encourages us to s l o w down and reminds us to settle into our identity as God’s BELOVED.

The book is filled with inspirational quotes, scripture, daily prayers and journaling prompts. It is an invitation on a spiritual journey toward a more peace-filled life and refreshment for your soul.

If you’re tired of being tired and desire more rest, peace, and just space in your life, you need this book.

In fact I loved it so much that I actually read one of the devotions during a retreat I held last weekend because it was so perfect as we were discussing what it looking like to step out in courage.

The first devotion in chapter one is an invitation to say “yes”. To leave behind the safety and comfort of the familiar and step out in faith to new possibilities where the Lord Himself is our guide.  

When Jesus calls us into deeper intimacy, he says, “Don’t be afraid. I will do it with you.” Jesus calls us to leave behind out “nets” of competence and instead experience being the Beloved- with him. . . 

Bonnie is the perfect guide to lead us to places and in practices of greater rest and Whispers of Rest is a great guidebook to help us experience our Savior’s presence more deeply in our everyday lives and to trade in busy-ness for Belovedness.

I was able to receive an advance copy of the book as a member of the launch team but Whispers of Rest is available today. You can order a copy on Amazon o www.whispersofrest.com to order & download bonus gifts.

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