If any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to him. James 1:5

I don’t know about you but I want wisdom. And I love this verse because it’s so simple; just ask for it and God will give it to you.

If you need wisdom, ask for it and He will give it to you. We often spend so much time doubting ourselves, questioning, writing lists with pros and cons, etc. Not that those things are bad at all but at some point we need to realize that we need God’s wisdom and turn to Him for direction. And trust that if we ask God for wisdom He will provide it.

It would be great if we were able to have an audible voice from God with advice or direction on what we are to do but since we can’t, here are some other ways I have found that God speaks to us and where we can find His wisdom:

Through His wordby reading through His word we are able to a glimpse of God’s character. There is so much wisdom to be found. Proverbs is a good place to start.

Through other wise people– God has spoken to me countless times through other people. When I have been lost or confused I’ve been able to turn to others for wise counsel. Are there people in your life through whom the Lord can speak wisdom to you?

Whoever walks with the wise becomes wise, but the companion of fools will suffer harm. Proverbs 13:20

Through our circumstances and opportunities-Sometimes God closes doors and opens windows or something like that, right? There are times when I have prayed for wisdom in a particular area of my life and a new opportunity has presented itself or an option is no longer available. God may be using the circumstances in our lives to guide us to a new place or give peace of mind.

Through outside influences– when I was considering homeschooling last year, I was lost and confused. I asked for wisdom that if it was God’s will for our family that He would please show me a way. During that time I received random devotional emails about homeschooling, I met a woman at my MOPS group who was a homeschooler, she connected me to a support group in my area. He gave me the resources I needed to make a wise decision.

What would it look like if we spend our days confident that He will give us the wisdom we need to make decisions?

And that even if we make choices that we’re unsure of, He is there. He is always there ready to re-align us to His will and give wisdom from that point on.


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  1. Oh how I need His wisdom. He promises to give it if we ask. I have a painting coming up soon on the blog which I’ve titled, “wisdom & revelation”.

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