Recap: Where We’ve Been So Far


I know with having posts every day it can be a challenge to keep up, especially if you are also following along with other 31 Days posts  so I didn’t want to add any new posts this weekend but rather just recap where we’ve been so far and give you a chance to get caught up with posts.

I introduced the topic of a life “reset” and asked us to consider:

What needs to be put back into its original place or position in your life?

What is broken that needs to be re-set for healing (even if it hurts)?

What beautiful thing in your life needs a new setting?

We’ve talked about giving ourselves permission, living authentically and establishing this time (October 2014) as a marking point. We took a time audit and identified our values and priorities. We also looked at where there are gaps and discrepancies between what we value and how we actually spend our time.  Then we addressed the things that get in the way of bridging those gaps and the importance of taking action and not just having good intentions in order to live out our priorities.

Finally, last week we talked about some critical adjustments; in our attitude, time, and attention that need to be addressed order to be able to follow through with our “reset”.

On Monday I’ll talk about adjusting our expectations but for now you can click on the links below and get caught up with the series. I’d love to hear if this series has been helpful to you so please feel free to leave a comment or contact me .

Have a lovely weekend!

Day 1- Reset: Introduction

Day 2-Reflect: Permission & Pause

Day 3-Real: Showing Up

Day 4-Remember:Marking Point

Day 5-Rest

Day 6-Review: A Matter of Time

Day 7-Revisit: Identifying Values

Day 8-Reorder:Priorities and Making First Things First

Day 9-Revise:Gaps and Discrepancies

Day 10-Remove: On What Gets in the Way

Day 11-Refuel

Day 12-Rest

Day 13-Redirect:Time to Move

Day 14-Replace: On Attitude Adjustment

Day 15-Recess: Midpoint Break

Day 16-Reclaim: Time Adjustment

Day 17 Refocus: Attention Adjustment


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