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Friends, we’re about a third of the way through. How’s the reset been going for you?

So far we have identified the what, as is what’s not working/what needs to be reset. And the why, as we clarified our values. Next week we’ll focus more specifically on the how.

But today I’d like to talk about the things that get in the way.

When there’s a disconnect between what we value and how we live it can often look something like this; our intentions are good, we have clear values and know what we want our lives to look like but. . . some things get in our way.

Things like:

Fear: Fear can be absolutely paralyzing. Fear of change, of making a wrong decision, of messing up our relationships, of not finding a job, of being alone. Often the actual outcome of addressing our fears is much less terrifying than the reality of doing nothing, it might feel safer to do nothing but at what cost?

Lack of Discipline-:This is one I struggle with. I know what I’m supposed to do and if I actually set my mind to it and have some discipline I am able to eat healthy, exercise, focus on projects but there are too many times when my mind wanders and I don’t catch myself and get back on track. Intentional change requires discipline.

Numbing: When we feel overwhelmed because we have too many priorities that we don’t feel like we can give any specific area all of our attention, how many times instead of starting somewhere and doing one thing do we instead choose to “zone out”, surf the internet, play a few rounds of Candy Crush, or just eat ice cream and have a movie marathon? Not that any of those things are bad on their own, but when we use them to numb because we’re afraid of making a move or dealing with emotions they can become roadblocks living intentionally.

Lack of accountability: I have tried to address some of my unhealthy habits all by myself and failed. In fact one I was reasons I was able to have success when I completed a Daniel Fast several months ago was because I blogged about it and shared what I was doing with several friends. I had accountability; people knew what goals I set and were supportive and held me accountable. Just recently when I mentioned to my husband that once again I wanted to make health more of a priority he asked if I have an accountability partner yet. I don’t yet but I know I need one (so if any of you friends are struggling with wanting to be healthier too, let me know and we can hold each other accountable)

Shame: Maybe we’ve tried to change in the past and have failed or maybe there are shameful experiences we’ve gone through that have convinced us that we are incapable of change. Shame will keep us in bondage an unable to move forward unless we speak it and realize that it has no true power over us. If we truly desire a reset it may be time to address feelings of shame and how they have kept us from living authentically.

There are other factors that may be getting in your way, these are just a few. Things like information overload, cultural fatigue, and unrealistic expectations. We’ll go over some of these in the coming weeks.

Today, for your assignment consider what’s getting in your way? Write about it in your journal and think about what it would take to move past that barrier.

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