Re-imagine: What Does a Reset Look Like?



Three weeks into the Life Reset series and I’ve shared about a lot of things. We have journeyed together and looked at our time, our values, our challenges, setting goals and so much more.

Today I just want us to think about the initial reason (if you have one) for desiring a “reset”. Maybe there’s a strained relationship you are hoping to mend. Perhaps you’re realizing that you want to make your faith or spiritual life more of a priority. There may be dream or passion that has been lying dormant that you’d like to revisit.  Whatever your thing is that feels “off”.

What would it look like if your time matched up with your values? No, really what would that actually look like? Take some time and write it down. What would your schedule look like? Your home, your wardrobe, your vacations, your meals? Get specific.

What is keeping that from actually happening? Write that down as well.

Already living a life that is perfectly aligned? Awesome. Would love to hear about,  please let me know what has worked well for you.

Tomorrow we’ll talk about the importance of boundaries.


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