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I started writing this post on Saturday while on the airplane on my way home from Allume. But things happen, my sweet sister in-law was visiting, our team WON the World Series, kids were missing their mama, etc. And so as usual my writing has had to take a back seat for a little while.

Now having a couple of moments to myself I felt compelled to share a little about my time at the Allume Conference but I’m a little overwhelmed. How can I put into words all that I experienced? The beauty of meeting online friends in person. The truths that I heard spoken by amazing people both the keynotes and the smaller workshop sessions. The things I heard the Lord, Himself speak to my heart.

Honestly, I really went back and forth between feeling inspired and overwhelmed by everyone there. There were times I wondered “what am I doing here?” Meaning among all of these talented “writers” a group which I did not consider myself a part of. Yet, I heard the Lord clearly. I AM a writer and there are words He wants me to share.

And though there were over 400 of us “bloggers” gathered at the conference, some “big” others “smaller” trying to figure out where we fit in, how to balance writing with life, what exactly is our blogging “niche”? In the grand scheme of things 400 is not so many in a world of billions that needs THE WORD. Really there is room for all of us and then some. . .

In the months to come I’m sure I’ll be reviewing some of the practical and technical takeaways I got from the conference; implementing new things and possibly rethinking my design, blogger v. wordpress, self-hosting or not. Making things user friendly and pretty. But the thing that is abundantly clear is that I want to continue to glorify God with my words. Whatever that looks like.

So Allume, well, yeah it really was just THAT good. Here in no particular order are some of my highlights:

  • Meeting my blogging “Mastermind” group in real life. These are the women who have been my online support for months as we’ve shared post ideas, blog tips, etc. We’re from all around the country as well as outside (Canada) and I had the opportunity to meet four of the girls in real life. Katharine, Debi, Julie, and Jen. I totally heart you girls!
  • The Keynote Speakers. Sarah Mae, Jessica Heights, Sally Clarkson, Darren Rowe and Ann Voskamp were amazing, each having a unique message to share and I learned so much.
  • The friendships. I got to meet so many cool ladies who I’ve gotten to “know” sort of online but in person they are just even more inspiring. Including the Better Writer friends, the West Coast Christian Blogger girls (WCCBloggers), Jennifer Camp of You Are My Girls who lives very close to me but we had to meet across the country. . .  also the awesome Gretchen Louise who is super sweet and talented just to name a few.
I’m sure I’m missing lots of details but I think you get the idea. . . it was awesome.
Oh and if you’re wondering we did not win the iPad. But wasn’t that a sweet post by my hubby? I love that guy so much and am super grateful to him for holding down the fort so I could get away for a few days.

Be blessed sweet friends!

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  1. Sounds like you had a great time, too! Too bad we didn’t meet! Maybe next time. It was like being in a fun tornado…just not enough time! lol!

  2. Zohary, I love what you said above about the world of billions needing the Word. I think what I love most about this community is the authentic desire to impact the world for the Kingdom…and whether we’re big or small in the blogging economy….we’re all hugely important to our King and his desire to inhabit the hearts and lives of the people reading our words. Thanks girl for coming to Allume, thanks for answering the call to glorify God with your words! Ahhhh! he is SO pleased with that! Hugs!

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