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For Love of Wife


By Tim Ross
Zohary and I have been married for six years!  God has blessed me with a wonderful wife to love on as my best friend and mother of our four beautiful children. 

I am so happy to see her travel across the country for the Allume conference.  After all the times she has dropped me off at airport, kissed me goodbye and gone back to our home and kids to fend for herself, it’s her turn!  Tonight I’m going to drop her off, kiss her goodbye and off she will go on a 3-day adventure.

I’m so excited for her.  I love seeing what God is doing in her life.  Zohary’s newfound passion for writing and blogging has been a blessing.  She has a gift with people and blogging has allowed her to connect and share encouragement with others.  Raising four kids does not allow her to socialize with adults nearly as often as she would like to, but having an outlet for expression has been transformative to her soul.    

She is amazing, and I am in awe of what she is able to accomplish during any given day.  Her day at the “office” starts at 7am and ends at 9pm.   Since she started blogging, I’ve noticed she has a smile on her face most days when I come home after work. 

How is that possible?  Only God knows.  But she does and sometimes just seeing her strength in those moments helps me to check any grumpiness that I may be bringing home after my “long day” at the door.   

Zohary has so much to share, so many rich experiences in her life that were all part of God’s plan.  I learned something special from her early in our relationship.  Zohary would never let us go to bed angry with one another.  Easier said than done, but the seed was planted.  This is what Zohary does:  she plants seeds… for me, for our children, and now for those that read her blog and connect with her at conferences and events.

Over the last six years of our marriage, Zohary has taught me so much about living with joy.  Watching her over the last year has been an inspiration.  I’ve softened my heart.  An argument that may have lasted a whole week may now only last a few hours or maybe only a couple of minutes.  Praise God!  When I prayed 10 years ago for God to show me someone I could marry, he showed me Zohary.  He keeps showing me why.

Someone told me that if you want to expand and grow, you will find the time to make it happen.  Time would be there when you need it.  Zohary has found the time for personal expression of faith and love and sure enough, God once again has opened doors for her.  I love to watch what God is doing in her life and of course, I love to see her happy.

I love you Zohary!  Have fun!!

*Tim is participating in the Allume husband’s challenge for a chance to win an iPad and also just cause he loves me 🙂 
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  1. Tim, I love how much you support and encourage your wife – you know how much she is an encouragement to others. I’m looking forward to hanging out with your whole family and ours and getting to know you all better.

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