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28 Dates

For those of you that don’t already know just how cheesy I can be, I am going to show you these next few weeks.

I love love. No really, I just do. I love being in love and I cherish being married. Don’t get me wrong, my marriage is far from perfect. What it is, is a miracle. It’s a miracle that two flawed, imperfect people can be expected to live together and honor each other for the rest of their lives. And it’s really a miracle that even with our flaws and weaknesses, I still consider my husband to be my very best friend and the person whose company I enjoy above anyone else.

And so while I am totally in love with my sweetheart,  once upon a time (actually not that long ago) I actually loathed Valentine’s Day, it seemed too commercialized. Too fake. There was just too much pressure to have someone to celebrate it with and then even if you did, to make sure you were on speaking terms with said loved one on February 14th.

But this year I am seizing the moment and using the entire month of February as an opportunity to encourage my married/engaged/dating friends to keep the flames stoked and make dating your mate a priority. Because really people, we live in a busy world and sometimes well, it’s easy to get into a rut in our relationships, right?

Enter the 28 Dates 2013 challenge. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner but rather than just focus on the one day, I wanted to focus on the entire month of February. So each week on Friday, I will provide 7 date ideas/suggestions for you to consider and hopefully pick one to do with your spouse (though you are also free to come up with your own).

Then the following Wednesday, I will share our own “date” story for the week and hopefully hear about your stories as well.

There may even be some giveaways.

So come back on Friday for the first list of date ideas. 

And honey if you’re reading, get ready because we are going to have some fun! So who’s with me?



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