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What I Learned in April


You guys, it’s MAY my absolute favorite month of the year! I’m so excited as there are many things I have been looking forward to this month but  first I want to do my monthly check in and share what I learned in April.

1. I learned how to fall in love with my home: I mentioned last month that I was taking this Cozy Minimalist course led by the Nester. Well it was fabulous and I was able to update some things in my living room, which previously was just a mix or random pieces with no unifying theme but now is a room I LOVE to be in. It’s not totally finished as we have one wall left to work on but I am super pleased. I learned a lot in the course and highly recommend it.

A couple of before pics




And After




2. And yesterday I learned that you too can fall in love with your home and be a cozy minimalist because Nester is offering an online version of the course for just $39 AND if you add Zohary Ross as the person who referred you get an extra $10 off. So you would get this awesome course for just $29, totally worth it. Seriously DO IT! And then come back and tell me about how much you love your new updated rooms/homes.

3. I learned how to paint furniture using chalk paint: I had this wine rack that I didn’t love but was a good piece of furniture so thanks to the Cozy Minimalist course I got brave and learned how to paint it using Americana Decor chalk paint.



And Now I really LOVE it!

wine rack after

4. There are a lot of people living with chronic pain: I wrote this post last week. Mostly for myself but got a lot of responses from others who struggle with chronic pain. I didn’t really want to write about pain but now I’m thinking that maybe I will more because I want to validate others experiences and let people know they are not alone and also give voice to a struggle that affects many people.

5. I love this girl more and more every year (and that’s true for all my kids): My sweet girl turned 7 last week and I always get a little sad as my kids get older because I mourn the babies that they are no longer but I’ve also been trying to embrace the opportunities that come with each season and at 7 she is just delightful. She’s funny, interesting and kind and while I miss the idea of the “baby” years I love the time I’m getting to spend with my now elementary aged girl.


6. My 93 year old great-aunt is an artist: seriously this lady will go to town on a coloring book and box of crayons. She’s always been artsy & crafty and I grew up on her fancy cakes and homemade Halloween costumes and I know that before I was even born she lived a life of creativity but it’s awesome to see that she still has that part of her that we see come out when she’s with my little ones.


What I Read:

What I watched:

  • Game of Thrones (our guilty pleasure date night choice)
  • Silicon Valley (another guilty pleasure)
  • The Book Thief
  • 42 (movie night with middle son)
  • The Spectacular Now (another movie night with middle son)

How about you friends? What interesting or fun things did you learn in April?

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