Tips for Organizing Ideas and Creating A Plan


I’m traveling a bit this week so I have to keep it short today.

I’m an idea person, perhaps you are too. For me this can be a gift and a curse because I often think of new ideas before I’m able to finish the ones I’ve already started.

When facing a big project, an “elephant” sized goal it is especially important to get ideas organized so as to stay on track. Last week I shared a bit about maximizing our productive hours and Christa had a great post on mind-mapping.

Today I just want to share a simple tool for breaking down your project into smaller bites and keeping them on one sheet. You can download your own “One Bite At a Time Action Plan” here.

Start with your big goal and then list the smaller bites you came up with while mind-mapping. Remember to focus on your motivation, your big “WHY” and makes notes as to tasks you might be able to delegate or get help with. Finally, consider the “reward” and how you will celebrate once you accomplish your goal.

One_Bite_at_a_Time photo

Happy Planning!

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