My First Cara Box

Sweet friends, the last couple of weeks have been a bit rough. But isn’t that just how life is? With peaks and valleys and seasons of drought/seasons of plenty. Well despite some kinks this month, May is STILL my favorite month. And one fun thing I was able to do this month is participate in the Cara Box exchange.

Basically, the way it works is the each month you get matched up with two other people (can be other bloggers or not) and you send one box to one person and receive a box from the other. It’s a great way to “meet” other friends and there’s a different theme each month. This month you were supposed to send things from your region, or area where you are from.

So this month I got to send a box to the super sweet Patty at Tales of Me and the Husband. She’s a doll, I got to know her a bit this month and had so much fun putting a box together with things (mostly) from Northern CA.

I also received and awesome box from Dana of Kiss My List. She is from the Chesapeake Bay region and was so sweet to put together such a fun box.

Here’s what I got:


1) Berger Cookies from a Baltimore bakery (because I like chocolate) YUM!

2) Two brand new pencils (because I like new school supplies, can’t explain I just do!) Although one was a Baltimore Ravens Superbowl pencil. . . .

3) A hand decorated steno pad because I like to write (and seriously I have an obsession with journals, notebooks, any kind of pad with paper) so this was so sweet.

4) The cutest owl page clips, because I love to read. SO cute and I totally love them and will use them.

5) Because my faith is important to me; A Sign from Lancaster that says “Dance to the Beat of Your Angel Wings”

6) Old Bay Seasoning, “because it’s quintessential Chesapeake Bay”. I love Old Bay so this was perfect.

7) And because she couldn’t send flowers, she sent a cute, portable, expandable, reusable vase.

It was so fun to get such a nice box, it  made me feel like I was able to have an extended birthday and that was really special. I will definitely be doing other Cara Boxes in the future.

Have any of you received a fun surprise in the mail that just made your day? Would love to hear about it.




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  1. I like Birch Box.. a little box full of samples and fun that comes every month. It was a gift from my BFF for two Christmases now, and I love it. I like small things (I have a miniature Monopoly game from Japan)… and I am especially a sucker for cosmetic or bath/body samples. Birch Box comes in a perfect little box (which I keep saving and never reuse…), with the contents wrapped delicately in pink tissue. Its all very girly and gift-like. The absolute best thing to get in the mail is a hand-written letter…. I try to write them often, as I enjoy writing letters as much as receiving. Thanks for sharing the Cara Box.

    1. Kris, I’ve never heard of Birch Box. I will definitely need to check it out. Agree that the best thing to receive is a hand-written note or card. It’s so rare to get them 🙂 Thanks for stopping by today!

  2. That is so neat! I used to be part of a RAK group (random acts of kindness) and we would all be secretly given someone to send a RAK to, it was so much fun & such a blessing. (visiting you from the iBloom group)

    1. Hi Misty, thanks for your comment. How fun! A RAK group sounds like such a neat idea, will have to think about doing something like that. Blessings!

  3. I’m sorry you’ve had a rough few weeks, but I hope your Cara box cheered you up a bit! It was great to meet you and get to know you a little, Zohary.

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