When Life Gets In the Way of Plans



I’m late. I meant to have a post up this morning but it’s going out late in the afternoon. I meant to have a post up about setting ourselves up for success in creating a plan and sticking to it but I’m not really.

Because, life.

Life happens and even when we have been proactive about coming up with goals and sticking to a schedule, sometimes we just have to be flexible and adapt to what it throws at us. Like the internet going out when you’re trying to get a post up. 

I was traveling these last couple of days and was able to plan ahead and pre-scheduled my post to go up on Monday. Yay! But I knew I was going to have limited time to schedule my post for today and that’s OK. Rather than not have a post go out at all, I decided it would just have to go out a bit later.

But that’s part of setting ourselves up for success. Too often we tend to be all or nothing thinkers. “If I can’t do it perfectly I won’t do it all”. Right?

No. Bad.

If I only committed to doing things perfectly I’d never get anything done. If I gave up after every setback, I’d never accomplish my goals.

Successfully “eating my elephant” looks like going back even after missing a day of work. It means grace. It means not beating myself for not working my writing project every single day and saying “forget it” to the whole thing but instead getting right back to it as soon as I can because it is important to me.

But so is living. So is taking a few days away to visit my boy. It’s taking time to grieve the loss of my dear friend. It’s not being completely consumed by the “plan” that I lose myself in the process.

Yes, planning is good but not at the expense of relationships.

So tonight I’m getting right back to it and using my “fringe hours” to write and not letting a few days of setbacks keep me from taking down that elephant. 🙂

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