What I Learned in March

Hi friends, so March was a busy month that left little time for writing but here’s my monthly recap on what I learned:

1) One of my goals for living with alignment was to create a home environment that is aligned with our style and felt cozy and just more “us”. And so I learned about this ecourse that the Nester was offering and I totally signed up because really she had me at “Cozy Minimalist” http://www.cozyminimalist.com/

Have already learned; Minimal= the least amount to reach a goal. (Yes, does NOT mean cold, all white, modular furniture.)  Also I want to graduate from being a “stuff manager to home curator”. <-That right there.

I’ve committed to taking on our living room as my main project because it’s where we hang out the most as a family and also because it doesn’t need a ton of work, just a little more character.

Here’s the before photo

2) Going to the ballet  for date night is super fun; also learned sweet hubby tolerates the ballet. This year I decided to implement a monthly date night and my husband and I alternate choosing the outing each month. So I had January and now March and my date choice for this month was the SF Ballet production of Don Quixote. I did ballet for many years as a child and performed in the SF ballet’s Nutcracker and I LOVE it but it had been several years since I attended a show and had never gone with my husband so it was a really nice time.

3) I have been physically not feeling great and I know I need to exercise but due to my fibromyalgia, exercising can be painful but I learned that there’s a local Water Zumba class. Yes, apparently that’s a thing. So although I’m not a huge water person, I think it will be good low impact (for my joints) cardio activity and it starts tomorrow. Will let you know how it goes!

4) There’s an island called Guernsey in the Channel Islands that was occupied by the Germans during WWII. I had no idea but then I read this story and now I’m fascinated by it and I totally want to go.

What I Read:

What I Watched:

Street Art Throwdown– A reality show competition for street artists. Our friend and former youth pastor Cameron (Camer1) is one of the final three!  And tonight is the finale.

Empire– Sadly season 1 is now over but man, and though I wouldn’t call it “quality” acting it definitely had ALL the drama. All of it that you could possibly imagine. Bonus is that my teen watched with us 🙂

The Imitation Game– Very interesting film about WWII and mathematician Alan Turing.  (Benedict Cumberbatch did a great job)

Insurgent-Dragged middle son and one of the besties to watch with me because thankfully people love me that much and tolerate movies based on YA fiction. Also as I mentioned last month I read all of the books in the series so of course I had to watch the movies.

Annie-Was one of our family movie night selections. Cute, the kids loved it.

How about you friends? What have you been learning/reading/watching?


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  1. We loved Annie. So much. Like more than the original. And then there is the soundtrack that basically been on repeat around here.

    I love these listy, recap posts. I’m glad I linked up next to you at Emily’s today.

  2. That ecourse you mentioned sounds wonderful. Can’t wait to see you “after” photo. And love that you’ve incorporated a monthly date night with your husband. I believe having those is SO important. Enjoyed reading what you’ve learned. Blessings to you.

  3. I actually love the fact that you posted a “before” picture but not an after (yet!). Usually we write or post about the journey completed – the reflection done – the room nested up! but less often the journey begun, the goals yet-to-be-finished, the intentions set.

    1. Megan! You are right, that is so true but I need accountability. I figured if I post the “before” here then I have to follow through with an “after” 🙂

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