31 Days of Living God’s Promises-Intro



When I was twenty years old I was confident that God had forgotten me.

Or I guess it was more that I thought I had messed up so much that He really had given up on me.

I clearly remember one night as a very young mom, sitting and trying to pray. Yet, I felt that I had no right. I had made such a mess of my life that I felt I was getting what I deserved.  I remember thinking “I am going to be miserable for the rest of my life.” And believing that I had made my bed and needed to now lie in it.

So why even bother God about it? Free-will? Yes, I had taken it and done with it as I pleased and now had to pay the consequences.

The truth is that I grew up in the church, I knew God, I knew the Word, but I had wandered far from His ways and felt that He had left me to fend for myself.

Basically, I knew God’s promises were real but I didn’t think they applied to ME.

Well despite myself, God IS faithful and He heard me then just as clearly as He hears me now.  And I found my way not only back to His path but completely transformed and surrendered to His grace.

But those doubts? I’m not alone in them. Over the years as a counselor, coach and ministry leader I have encountered so many people who have felt the same way. Yes, sure God is faithful but not for me because I’ve just messed up too bad.

We can read the scriptures, learn the promises but fail to make them our own.

This month, I’m doing something I have never done before. I’m going to be joining together bloggers from all over as we each write about our own topic for the month of October; I am going to attempt to write almost every day as part of the Nester’s 31 days series.

I’m going to be exploring what the Word says about God’s Promises and what it looks like to make them our own and live them out.

I hope you will read along. And my prayer is that at maybe there is at least ONE Promise that YOU need to hear and live out in your own life.

Come back tomorrow for the first promise. . .

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