Saying "Yes"-An Ongoing Adventure

So I just want to thank y’all for following along with me the past couple of weeks. I have filled you in with lots of good info about things I’ve been up to, people I’ve met, projects I’ve started, conferences I’m attending, etc.

But the saying Yes to God life, which I’m trying to pursue is such an ongoing adventure  that I’m sure I will have many more opportunities so share about. I’m sure many of them may not work out or maybe not work out in ways I might think. I don’t know what else God might have in store for me but I want to be willing and open to “go there”.

I’m reading a book called “Kisses From Katie”, I know some of you have read it and so you know how amazing this story is. For those of you who haven’t it’s about a young girl, fresh out of high school who decides to head off to Africa, Uganda to be exact to basically work as a teacher at first, love on orphans and the Ugandan community at large, start a non-profit organization and advocate for the poor.  And eventually adopt several girls of her own, and now she’s only in her early twenties.

It’s hard to not read this story and not be a bit “jealous” of Katie’s radical faith and obedience to where she feels God’s called her. But that’s just it. That’s what God has asked Katie to say yes to. He will ask me and you to say yes to different things. I hope we will be able to. Sometimes I feel like I will probably fail, that I will let fear or inadequacy get the best of me and I may say “sorry God I just can’t do. . . “. I just don’t know. But I do know that there will be plenty of opportunities and it’s what we do with these opportunities that will shape who we are.

I’ve shared about some of my recent opportunities, but maybe there are some you’re facing right now. Maybe your just not sure. It might be an

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