A Gift Fit For a Princess

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Yesterday our family celebrated my sweet daughter’s fourth birthday. FOUR.  It’s like this little transition stage where she’s not quite a baby/toddler but not quite a big kid either. What she definitely IS is a Princess.

And so it got me thinking about what I want for her as she grows up to be a young woman. The wishes I have for her, I want her to be happy, healthy, I want her to not define herself or find her value in the inches of her waist but on the condition of her soul. I want her to be kind, loyal, and compassionate. I want her to have lots of true friends, because she will soon learn the value of community and how hard it especially for women to feel alone. I want her to ask for help when she needs it and not be afraid having flaws. I want Sweet Girl to grow up and take pride in her home, in being a wife and mom and to know that these are valuable and worthy professions. Most of all I want her to know Jesus. because others will fail her, even loved ones but HE will not.
Well, this morning as we were in the car we had our local K-LOVE Radio Station on and the song Carry Me to the Cross by Kutless was on. My sweet daughter said, “mommy, I know this song, it’s the you’re not alone song” and she started singing along with her own interpretation of the lyrics. So she doesn’t know all the words but she knows enough, “Hallelujah you carry me every day, you carry me all the way, Hallelujah you carry me to the, you carry me to the cross”.
As parents I think we pretty much question everything we do. Am I doing the right thing? Should I let him/her do this or that? I guess I’ve realized the thing you can do for your child, the biggest gift you can give at least in our home, is one I didn’t even realized my daughter was already learning, that she is “not alone” because she has a loving Savior that is ALWAYS with her, even if mom and dad can’t be with her every single second, our sweet Jesus can and IS. My prayer is that even after she outgrows her princess dresses and tiaras, that’s she’ll always remember that she really is a PRINCESS just like her mommy because she is a daughter of the KING.

And if you  haven’t heard the Kutless song, you should definitely check out the link because I know you’ll be blessed by the lyrics.
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  1. I love how you incorporated both family and faith in this post. It always helps me to remember that Jesus is always with my girls and that He wants them to grow to love Him even more than I do, so He WILL make up for my mistakes! 🙂

  2. I opened this days ago and it’s been sitting here waiting for me to comment… I’m so bad at that! 🙂 My 4YO is such a delight and I love listening to her sing along with the car radio/CD’s! Such fun! 🙂 hurray for the little opportunities to point our kids in the right direction!

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