Desperate. . .


Being a mom is hard, can I get an Amen?!?!

Personally, as a mom of four, there are many times when I feel overwhelmed, exhausted, and maybe even a little desperate.

I have struggled with feeling depressed, anxious, hopeless, helpless, insecure. . . . in my journey of raising these four little ones. Can anyone relate?

As a young mom especially, I felt alone and completely incapable. Like there must be some handbook for moms but somehow someone forgot to give me a copy. I compared myself to other moms who I thought had it all together and wondered what was wrong with me?

EnterDesperate written by Sarah Mae and Sally Clarkson. This has to be one of the best books on motherhood I have ever read, and I’ve read quite a few. Sarah and Sally don’t give you a handbook or a list of things you need to do to be a “good mom” rather it is a story of encouragement and grace.

It’s practical and totally applicable but what I loved most about this book is that it is totally personal. I love that each chapter starts off with a little note with questions from Sarah Mae to Sally, her mentor. And then Sally responds with a sweet and encouraging note as well. Reading the book is like being a part of the conversation and talking about the challenges of motherhood with good friends.

It is also a great reminder of the need for mentors who will walk alongside of us during these challenging years. I’m so blessed to have had a few mentors in my life to speak words of life and encouragement but it’s been more recently and I definitely could have used an older, wiser woman for friendship and support during my early mom years. So if you are such a mom, maybe you too could think about being available as a resource for those younger women in your life and community? We really need to hear that we’re doing OK.

I have been a fan of Sally Clarkson and her Whole Heart Ministries for a while now. I have read many of her  other books and have been really encouraged by them. As for Sarah Mae, well I started following her blog about a year ago. She’s so honest and relatable that I felt immediately drawn in with her writing. Also, she’s the amazing woman behind the Allume Conference I attended in October.
These two have put together a great resource for moms of all ages. If you’re a mom or know someone who is a mom, get this book. I personally will be ordering extra copies for some of my mom friends.
Other things you can do:
  • Get a group together and do a small group study, there are some special deals and gifts for multiple book purchases including a dvd companion study. (I’m thinking of doing a group study so lmk, if you might be interested in joining along)
  • Check out the giveaways on Sarah Mae’s site celebrating launch week. We’re talking free housecleaning for a year people!!!
  • Or if you’d like to just do a study online, get your book and then join Joyful Mothering or the Better Mom for an online book club.
  • Check out/like desperate on Facebook
* Disclosure: I received a free review copy of this book but all opinions expressed are my own.

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