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You’ve maybe heard me say “there is an ache that comes from a misaligned soul”? Well I believe that just like when our bodies ache we need to pay attention to where the pain is coming from, so also when our souls ache we must pay attention and listen to where we’ve gotten out of alignment.

One of my goals for the year is to be more intentional- to practice mindfulness. Basically to work on not numbing, to become curious about what my soul is longing for, to feel the feelings (even the uncomfortable ones).

I don’t know about you but I usually dread Mondays. They indicate the end of the weekend and the beginning of the work week. Bleh. Not fun right? Or is it just that Mondays send a message that the fun is over, that our M-F lives are more dictated to us by our bosses, work demands and others’ expectations rather than fully experienced on our own terms? What if we could use Mondays as a launching point to set the tone for the rest of the week?

I think we can and I really want to this year.

So I decided to start Mindfulness Mondays to get my week off to the right start.

Maybe you’d like to join me?

“Mindfulness is paying attention. It is noticing what you are doing, feeling and thinking at the time you are actually doing, feeling and thinking it. Because God is part of our everyday lives, paying attention to God and focusing on God’s kingdom is a fundamental practice of Christian mindfulness.”

Each Monday I’ll send out a private email letter with a specific focus, tips and a journaling prompt for paying attention, living with intention and practicing mindfulness. I’ll be practicing right along with you. Some letters will contain worksheets to get you digging a little deeper. Others will just be a note of encouragement that will (hopefully) inspire you as you seek to listen to your soul and live wholeheartedly the rest of the week.

And if you’re on periscope, make sure to find me @zohary as I’ll also be sharing some videos there.

Today my soul is longing for:

  • fresh air, perhaps a walk with the kiddos
  • slow, warm, home-cooked food
  • a little time on my sewing machine
  • yoga pants 🙂

What is your soul longing for?

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  1. Dear Zohary,

    Your post so resonates with me as I’m working on a post for next week that is along the same lines 🙂 And yes, to be curious, even when it is uncomfortable, is where the growth begins….it is hard and it is scary, at least for me, but I keep turning to God for the grace to lean in…Cheering for you 🙂

    1. Dolly! You, know I was totally thinking of you recently. It must be a sign. We should connect soon friend!
      Thanks so much for your sweet comment. Yes, getting curious ESPECIALLY in the uncomfortable places, that’s exactly where the growth begins. Will look out for post next week. Hugs!

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