Last week I won something. Actually technically two somethings, which is amazing because I never win things. A couple of weeks ago I entered a giveaway for a really cute scarf and mug at restored316 and then I forgot all about it because life.

So it was a lovely surprise when I got an email from Lauren telling me that I had won the giveaway, it was a gift. Literally and figuratively.

Life lately has been hard, crazy, filled with all of the feelings. Yes, all. of. them.

And this week as I’ve been wrestling with all of the things while trying to cultivate a spirit of gratitude, I’ve been incredibly grateful for the giveaway. It’s such a simple thing, beautiful moments often are but in the middle of my mess, when the storms of life threaten to take me under, when I feel alone and forgotten, my Lord decided to remind me that He sees me.

And I remembered. . .  I remembered that I am remembered. He has not forgotten me. Out of 350 entries He decided that I really needed a win.

And what made it even more meaningful for me is that I have these dreams. These wild, crazy, creative dreams. But fear. It keeps me still, I feel overwhelmed; I think myself incapable of actually making any of them happen so I put them on hold, in the back of my mind, where they are “safe”. I hesitate to even think of them because what’s even more scary than dreaming is thinking about what would happen if they actually came true.

But the prizes I won, well one is a mug which if you know me, you know I like pretty mugs, (the better to drink my coffee in), but this one says “Live Creatively”.


Seriously, God? You remembered.

When life gets loud. And these days it seems pretty loud for all of us, no? It’s hard to hear God. It’s easy to miss His messages; His gifts, His love notes. It’s easy to get distracted, to feel insignificant, unnoticed even.

But I promise, wherever you’re at, He remembers you too sweet friend and if you can get really quiet you’ll hear Him say your name. Ever. So. Gently. And whether or not you win a “giveaway”, He gave Himself away and still is leaving you gifts all the time.

  • A meaningful chat with a good friend
  • A tickle match with your little one
  • Holding hands with your sweetheart
  • The gift of a lazy afternoon
  • Chocolate
  • A $5 bill found in your laundry pile
  • Your team winning the big game
  • Quality time with your teen
  • An encouraging comment on your blog or text from a friend just because

The gifts are everywhere. All the time.

This week I pray we would all have a chance to slow down and get quiet so that we don’t miss them.

And I’d like to wish you and yours a joyful and blessed Thanksgiving!

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  1. Congrats, lady!! And the mug is lovely – I’ve been eyeing it and it’s been pinned on my Pinterest ‘wish list’ board 🙂 Sending prayers for you in the hard days and working through all of the emotions that come along with them. I have no doubts your ‘attitude of gratitude’ will help immensely! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

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