On Dreaming Scripture and Being Steadfast

OK  so. . .  sometimes God gives me scripture in my sleep. Now, don’t judge me or think I’m too weird.

Usually the way it happens is that I wake up in the middle of the night with a verse in my head, one that I may have read but usually one that I don’t know very well at all and have no idea where in the bible it’s even from. I don’t recall it necessarily being a part of a dream but I just have it in my mind when I wake up.

This doesn’t happen often but it has happened a few times.

Most recently I woke up to this:

You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in you

I have no idea where the words came from but they were words I needed to hear.

So in the morning I did a search and found that the verse is from Isaiah 26:3.

I’ve gotten really bad about memorizing scripture as I’ve gotten older but the verse was very clear and timely. So I knew it was a gift from the Lord.

I’ve been desperate for peace lately.  I have felt attacked, personally, spiritually, and my anxiety level has been high.

So when I read this verse I was like YES please! Perfect peace I need this . . . but. . . I need to be steadfast? What does that look like?


I feel like it’s one of those words that gets passed around as something to aspire to, something that is desirable but how do you actually live “steadfast”?

Steadfast is defined as firmly fixed in place. Not subject to change.

So. . . then if I want this perfect peace the He will give me I need to be firmly fixed in place. . .OK?

Interestingly enough as I was trying to identify what exactly “steadfast” would look like I came across this story that clearly illustrated living steadfast and “perfect peace” as well for that matter.

There was a 19 year old girl who lost her father and two sisters in the tornado that went through central Arkansas who posted on her Facebook page that she and her mother and six of her siblings were OK but they lost three in her family, her dad and two sisters. She asked for prayer as their house and all their belongings were gone as well and then she finished with “The Lord Gives and the Lord Takes away, Blessed be the Name of the Lord.”

Even in the midst of devastating loss she was not shaken. She was firm, immovable, steadfast.


The Lord Gives and the Lord takes away, blessed be the name of the Lord.

I cannot even imagine. And yet I want to because it’s so beautiful and painful that I can hardly breathe at the thought. I want that peace; I want to be steadfast, unwavering in my faith so that even if I lost my home and loved ones I could still say “blessed be the name of the Lord.”

There are two reasons why this is especially challenging for me:

1) I have feelings and there are times I tend to live according to my feelings and not necessarily what I “know” to be God’s truth and it is during these times when I become easily moved. I feel sad, angry, hurt, etc. and all of a sudden I’m not as firmly planted in Jesus as I’d like to think I am.

Perfect peace comes from keeping my thoughts and complete trust in God. Always. Not just when I’m “feeling” it.

2) I tend to want to help God out. For the most part I try to live the surrendered life, trusting that God is in control of all situations including and especially the most difficult times but sometimes I start to think that God’s sovereignty is somewhat depended on what I do. So I waver. . .

For example, I have been struggling with a particularly challenging relationship and I do believe God is in control of the situation. But. . . I tend to stress about what I need to do, what choices I need to make, what to say or not say, etc. As if I have to choose what’s behind the right curtain in order for God’s will to be done and if I chose wrong then all is lost. Which would basically put the outcome on . . . ME.?

If I am to be steadfast, I need to know that God is sovereign always. He is bigger than any situation whether I choose door #1 or door #2 it doesn’t matter He is in control and will work in whatever I choose.

That’s not to say that I shouldn’t pray for wisdom, seek wise counsel and try to make good choices BUT even if I don’t and completely blow it, I need to remain firm that God can redeem all situations for His glory.

Yesterday I had a bit of an “aha” moment though as I was meeting with the ladies in my small group. We talked about identity and I shared that though I considered the details of my life, my relationships, where I live, where I was born, etc. to be just that “details”; my true identity is unchanging. I am the daughter to the King. Always. If I have a bad hair day or I’m grumpy or my kids are giving me attitude or my husband thinks I look cute or not. My true identity is always the same. It is unchanging.

What a minute. . .  that sounded a little “steadfast” right? I think I may be on the right track.

Living steadfast and trusting God is not always easy. I know but that perfect peace? I want that SO bad that it’s worth practicing every day to get.

But the best part is this, the next verse in Isaiah:

Trust in the Lord forever; for the Lord, the Lord himself, is the Rock eternal. Isaiah 26:4

Even though I may slip and waver at times. He never does. His love is unchanging. He is the ultimate “steadfast”.


Anyone else ever “hear” scripture in their sleep? I’d love to know that I’m not the only one. Blessings sweet friends!

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  1. Thanks for sharing your heart here, Zohary. I always marvel at young moms who find the time and energy to write. You are a gift to your children and your community. I can’t say God has spoken to me in my sleep, but I definitely know when He’s highlighting a scripture for me. And it’s usually in the quiet moments He speaks to me – uncluttered and focused. May you continue to hear, continue to strive and continue to write!! Bless U

    1. Pat, thank you so much for stopping by and for your sweet comment. Ha, yes it can be a challenge to find time to write but then when God gives me some words to share, I find that I am able to find the time. Thanks again for your kind words. Blessings to you!

  2. This line spoke to me Zohary- “My true identity is always the same. It is unchanging”. Remembering I am always His, always in Him, I can rest and never worry that the details of my life change the truth of my identity. I belong to Him period. Thanks for bringing the word for me this morning! Love that I can read it and hear your voice. Happy Thursday!

    1. Lisha, thanks for stopping by today. I’m so glad that line spoke to you. It’s one we need to anchor in our very heart and minds, the truth of who we are. Love you so much girl! I’m going to need myself to NY some time so I can see ya!

  3. I’m smiling a bit her Zohary…because I so get it…especially this ~ “As if I have to choose what’s behind the right curtain in order for God’s will to be done and if I chose wrong then all is lost.”
    As if it’s all up to us, what we do {or don’t do}. I’ve realized that lie comes straight from the Garden. The enemy challenges us with the SAME lies, which are meant to challenge who God is and who we are. As if we can’t trust Him.
    I’m so glad God gave you that “aha” moment to remind you of your true identity AND your steadfastness in Him.
    Love you friend!

    1. Caryn, I know right? It’s like we trust Him but only after we’ve convinced ourselves we need to make perfect decisions. He is so much greater. Love you sweet friend! Have an awesome day. XO

  4. I’ve had that happen … waking up with Scripture on my mind, or more often, a song lyric that addresses something I’m facing. During a particularly troubling period in 2009, I woke up for months with the song, “Blessed be the name of the Lord” running on repeat in my brain.

    1. Jennifer, I love that. I often wake up with songs as well, usually they serve as reminders of Gods’s faithfulness. Thanks for stopping by sweet friend! Have a lovely weekend!

  5. Absolutely one of my favorite verses, ever. I love the repeated word, shalom, shalom. He is the Rock to cling to, thank goodness we aren’t responsible for our own steadfastness — I would be lost and tossed in the storm, for sure.

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