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What We’ve Been Up to. . .


April was such a busy and fun-filled month but now I’m super excited because


Yes, I LOVE MAY! It is my favorite Month. For lots of reasons, including it’s my birthday month, Mother’s day, plus we have nice weather, school is almost over, it’s Foster Care Awareness Month, etc.

So I am pretty excited about some fun things that I’ll be sharing in May.

But let me fill you in on what we’ve been up to for the last few weeks, here are some highlights:

Favorite moment (in the past month): Celebrated my girl’s 5th birthday

photo (9)
Sweet girl at Build a Bear on her actual bday


Other fun moments:

Getting away with my hubby for a couple of days. He went to a work conference, I stayed at a fabulous hotel and had some much needed “me time” then we re-connected for dinner. It was bliss!

Hanging out with awesome friends, including getting together for the (in)RL meet-up.

Also went to the Killers concert with my friend Nicole. Awesomeness!


What else. . .?

So I’m also helping to launch a new ministry at our church for moms, which I am super excited about. You can read more about it here.

We’re kind of wrapping up our homeschool year. Meaning that sweet middle boy is almost done with me as a teacher since he will be returning to a private school for high school in the fall. It was a challenge at first but I have loved our year together and will miss him.

photo (6)

He also managed to fully enjoy the homeschooled life this past month as he was able to visit my in-laws back east and have some QT with the grandparents.

But I will be homeschooling sweet girl for Kindergarten and my little guy for pre-school so the adventure continues. . .

OK, I think  that’s about it for now. But tune in next week for a fun birthday giveaway! Hope you have a blessed week and a wonderful Mother’s Day for all the mamas!


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