What Saying Yes Can Look Like-Part 4 Sometimes Saying Yes Means Having to Say No


I’m supposed to be in Pittsburgh right now. Yes, as in PA but I’m not. I’m at my house sitting in front of my computer blogging.

The plan was that this past weekend my husband and I would be traveling to Philly to surprise my in-laws for their 40th wedding anniversary. Then I would drive up to Pittsburgh with my husband and lounge around at a hotel while he attended a conference for work. Sounds fun right? Some alone time, staying at a hotel, surprise visits!

However, this was not to be. My grandma who’s 96 has been sick. She had to go to the hospital and over a week ago and she’s still there. My sweet mom is her caregiver and has hardly left her side during her stay. You see she has said YES to care for her mom for as many days as the Lord would give her. And to do that sometimes she needs to put other things on hold.

My abuelita

Well my mom is also MY primary babysitter and in the original plan all four of my kids would be heading over to grandma’s house for a four night sleepover; super exciting good times for all.

But as my grandma remained the hospital and the time for the trip was getting closer I know I would not be able to go. She wasn’t going to be home in time and I really didn’t feel comfortable asking my mom to juggle her time between caring for her mom and her grand kids who she loves deeply. Though she did try to convince me that she could handle it.

I REALLY wanted to go. My husband and I really needed this time together. It would have been great to be there to surprise my in-laws. . .

But I’ve realized that sometimes we have to say no to some things even some good things in order to say YES to what is BEST.

Going to PA would have been good. SO good and it’s what I wanted to do. But staying here with the kids and being available for my mom is what I HAD to do.

There are times when saying YES to things is easy, there’s a good and bad or right and wrong or even a clear “nudge” toward one direction over another. But other times, it’s hard. You may have to let go of something you really want in order to open up an opportunity to possibly gain something that you NEED.

The good news is that while I miss my husband and would have really loved being with him right now, I’m embracing the spirit of “all is grace” a la Ann Voskamp. And have had a great time with the kids already.

We’ve had gorgeous weather and yesterday went out for ice cream. The bird guy was there and my sweet daughter who loves animals was brave enough to ask is she could “hold the little one”.

And then I was able to have a special treat when my good friend asked if I was free to go to a movie (FYI I LOVE movies). So I left my super-duper awesome babysitters (aka my teens) to watch their little sibs for a while so we could go watch The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (which was super cute btw).

Love me some Judi

And then I came home to this. . .

All of the kiddos watching Madagascar together
Just warms my heart. And then saying YES to the right thing didn’t seem so bad at all.
Friends, thanks for coming along for this series. I hope you’ve enjoyed getting caught up on some of the “projects” I’ve been working on and saying yes to. I’m sure there will be many more and I promise to keep sharing. 
Are there things you’re feeling called to say YES to? I’d love to hear about it. Leave a comment if there’s something in your life that you’re saying yes to. Hugs!

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  1. Zohary, I love this – you’re so right – sometimes saying NO to things, even things we want are important so we can say YES to the things that are the best. I’m glad I found your blog at Bloggymoms, I’ve been seeking out bloggers that I feel like I can relate to and I really enjoyed all of your posts that I read.

    1. Brandy, thanks so much for your comment and for checking out my blog. I read your and it looks like we have much in common 🙂
      I hope you will stop by again.

  2. You are blessed with a lovely family indeed! Sent up a prayer for your Grandma and Mom. I was the caregiver to my Gramma for several years. it is hard to be to care giver to the ones that used to care for us. Hope you had a great weekend.

    1. Donna, thank you for your prayers. Sadly my grandma passed away last week but I know she is with the Lord. Thank you for your thoughtful comment. Blessings!

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