Lessons from My iPhone

Confession- I’ve broken three iPhones already and I’m on my fourth.

You see I’m very clumsy. Seriously, like I’m constantly dropping things, walking into things, tripping over things, etc. And I often keep my phone in my pocket, where it can easily fall out and break.

Well, I recently found myself at the AT&T store waiting in line to get my new replacement phone and I reflected on a couple of things:

1) My phone should be mostly for making calls and not all the other “stuff”.

Remember back in the day, when phones were used to call people? And only for that? And they were usually found in your house and not in your pocket or purse or wherever you keep yours?

Well a lot’s changed since then. I was originally excited to get my iPhone a few years back because it had Google maps and since I am out and about A LOT with my brood I thought it would be perfect to help me locate sports fields, gas stations, and fast food places for a bite on the go. And really it has been.

But, in the last 3-4 years or so since I got my first one, I have also downloaded numerous apps, used it for texting, email, Facebook, games, etc. I realized that if I wasn’t using my phone so darned much, I probably wouldn’t be breaking it so many times. And so it was a wake up call. I need to be more intentional about using my phone as needed but not as an extension of my hand. I’m trying to follow the Hands Free Mama’s example. But it is not easy.

At the same time I want to be more intentional about actually CALLING friends and loved ones. In this day, it is so easy to think we are “connecting” with our friends by texting, Facebooking, Twitter, email, Instagram, whatever else you use. But how often am I really hearing my friends’ voices? Yes, those things are super easy and fast and even convenient at times but are they really personal? I suppose they can sometimes, but I need to and want to make an effort to actually call a friend and loved one and SPEAK to them, like out loud. That’s connecting. And I think deep within our souls we long to be heard and really want someone to care about how we really are instead of what we chose to post as our status update.

Sad, but true for some?

2) I really need to learn from my mistakes AND do something about them.

It took three broken phones before I had the genius idea that maybe I should actually invest in getting a good phone case and screen protector and that I probably shouldn’t keep it in my pocket all the time. Hello? I know it’s probably obvious to most but not to me. I really thought, “Oh, I’ll just be more careful with the next one” but changed nothing. The reality is as I mentioned I AM clumsy. And that really hasn’t changed and I doubt it will so I need to plan for this, work with it and be a better steward of my belongings. And this lesson can be applied to anything, for example:

  • How many times to we say things we regret to people we love before we actually try to change our words or tone?
  • How many times do we have good intentions to eat better, exercise, be more organized and then fall off track and think “I’ll do better next time” but keep the exact same patterns?
  • How many times do we find ourselves hitting rock bottom and looking for God, thinking please just help me through this one thing and I promise I’ll change. . . and then forget all about Him after our prayers are answered?
3) I need to take responsibility for my actions. 
Thankfully my husband shows me a lot of grace and well, my son isn’t getting an iPhone anytime soon so I was able to use both of THEIR upgrades to replace my broken phones. But the reality is that my clumsiness and irresponsibility isn’t their fault at all. So I can’t assume that they’re just going to bail me out yet again of a situation that both could have been prevented and that was entirely my fault.

Newest one (with sturdy case)

It’s unfortunate the it’s taken three broken phones to get me here but I AM a work in progress. And I’m learning. I only hope that even as I learn to take better care of my “things”, my priority will still be in how I care for my PEOPLE.

How are you all dealing with phones and technology? Anyone else struggle with it like me?

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  1. We moved to a tiny town about 5 years ago. (1700 people) Often times if somebody wanted something they didn’t even bother with the phone they just dropped by. This annoyed me to no end in the beginning. My house is rarely “company ready” and it’s a good day when all 4 kids are wearing clothes at the same time. We left that town a year ago and you know what, I miss the “drop by visits”. For one thing it made me keep my house more presentable. For another I love the personal touch. I think you are on the right track here. We must be intentional in our relationships or we will cease to have many! Great post… I loved it!

  2. To be honest..I am struggling with the balance issue as well. I resisted the iPhone and that end of the technology but have discovered that I spend waaaay too much time on the facebook. So I fast from it to keep in in check and I’m striving to make at least one significant phone call or visit a day. Striving. Thanks for the reminder!

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