31 Days of Eating Elephants



This is my 3rd year participating in the 31 Days Challenge. I had been on the fence about doing the challenge this year because I had a topic but wasn’t sure I could commit to writing for the whole month SO this year I am collaborating with my awesome friend Christa Hutchins and we are doing 31 Days of Eating Elephants.

OK we are not literally eating elephants of course exploring the saying “How do you eat and elephant? One bite at a time”. Taking on big goals/dreams/projects and making them bite sized.

We will each be writing on our own blogs 2x per week and also taking the conversation to social media so there will be some writing nearly every day. There will also be opportunities for you to join in the discussion and share about your own “elephants”.

Some posts will be short, others longer. Christa and I will be sharing encouragement, tips and resources. You might even see a video post! Join us!

Day 1-Introduction Zohary’s Intro / Christa’s Intro

Day 2- Zohary’s Story / Christa’s Story

Day 3- (Work on your own elephant)

Day 4- Rest

Day 5- From Whole to Bite Sized

Day 6-Elephants Take Time

Day 7-Seasonal Eating vs. Balanced Bites

Day 8-Model but Don’t Compare

Day 9- Social Media Day

Day 10-(Work on your own elephant)

Day 11- Rest

Day 12-Community Means Better Together

Day 13- A Space of One’s Own

Day 14- Mind Mapping

Day 15- Maximizing Your Productive Hours

Day 16-Social Media Day

Day 17- (Work on your own elephant)

Day 18- Rest

Day 19-Organizing Ideas and Creating a Plan

Day 20-The Planning Six Pack

Day 21-When Life Gets in the Way of Plans

Day 22-Evaluate, Adjust, Repeat

Day 23-Social Media Day

Day 24- (Work on your own elephant)

Day 25- Rest

Day 26- You Crave What You Consume

Day 27- Scheduling the Important

Day 28- The Success Checklist

Day 29-Practice Hours and Building Habits

Day 30- Wrap up

Day 31-Work on your own elephant/Rest/Celebrate!