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OK, so I’ve started a blog. Confession, I have been planning this for about a year now but have been too scared to actually do it until now. (Yes, that’s the first weaknesses I’m sharing, many more to come!) In all honesty, I thought it would be fun to just chronicle some of our family’s adventures and share them with all our loved ones especially those we don’t get to see all that often.
However, in my journey to put this together, I really felt that I needed to be intentional about this blog and what I would be writing. I didn’t just want it to be a diary or journal type of thing. This verse from 2 Corinthians has been in my heart and mind since last April when it was the theme verse from my church’s women’s retreat.  I realized the “boasting” part implied having to share or tell others about your weaknesses. You can’t really boast to yourself or I guess you can but that would just be silly. Right? I meditated on the words, and felt that God had put it in my heart to be honest and authentic about my life. My joys AND struggles as a wife, mom, woman trying to live an intentional life in an often crazy, fast-paced and at times superficial world. And so this blog will serve as my “boasting” platform.
So what was I afraid of? Rejection? Failure? I don’t even know anymore because unlike the disciple Paul who wrote the 2 Corinthians letter many years ago, my life is not in danger and other than that the only thing I really need to worry about is that no one will read or like my blog. But the truth is that those who know me and love me as I am will still continue to do so whether my writing is amazing or totally sucks. And those who don’t will either read and be blessed, read to keep up with our family news or read and decide it’s just not for them. And I’m OK with all of those.
What I’ll be writing about:
Basically, my life as an imperfect, wonderfully flawed mom of 4 really great (sometimes challenging) kiddos and wife of one really amazing husband, which includes things like;
• Family- our adventures living in the Bay Area raising our FOUR lovely kids
• Faith- if I’m going to be “real” I have to include my faith because it a big part of my life and hopefully others might encouraged by God’s goodness and grace
• Fun- I’ll share fun ideas such as outings, projects to make with kids, crafty things, etc.
• Homemaking- I’m SO not a perfect little homemaker but I’ll share some of my tips that make running the Ross Home a little more smoothly, including tips on how to raise a family on a tight budget. I’ll also be sharing some yummy recipes. Because really if I can do this whole homemaking thing, anyone can.
• Deals and finds- most people that know me know that I hate to pay full price for anything except under extreme circumstances. So I’ll be posting some of the deals I find as well as reviewing any fun products that I think are worth sharing.
• Books- I love to read and have been greatly blessed as well as just entertained by some great books so I’ll be sharing some of my favorites here. Maybe even host a book study, who knows?
• PLUS, I also be occasionally hosting a giveaway or two, cause really who doesn’t like free things?
Sound good? Great!
Next time, I’ll have a full report on our Easter camping trip. . .

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  1. Zohary! Hi, I found your blog on the She Speaks page, too! I love the design & love what you have shared here! I just recently got started back into blogging & made a list similar to this! I also noticed that we read a lot of the same blogs! I look forward to meeting you in July 🙂

  2. Zohary….this is beautiful. I love how u tied it into God’s perfect plan for your weekend. Yes, He always knows what’s best!
    Looking forward to reading more!
    Patti Olson (from the Better Writer Challenge)

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