What I Learned in January

Friends, I have been wanting to participate in this “What I Learned” link up over at Emily’s site since last year but just didn’t get to it. I think it’s a great way to re-cap some highlights from the month and share interesting facts and resources.

Anyway, it’s a new year so I’m starting now (yay for re-sets!)

So let me tell you a bit about what I learned in January:

1) I love Airstreams, they are so fun! And I look forward to hopefully taking adventures in one with my honey one day.

2) Discipline is hard. I was in a bit of a funk a few weeks ago, basically we were all sick for a while but then the week after I was feeling physically better I realized I just still didn’t want to do anything. I almost wanted to still be sick just so I would have an excuse. The real issue though; I had some goals and projects I needed to work on, key word, WORK and I just didn’t want to. I had a talk with God that went something like this, “Lord, why does it all have to be SO hard ? I just really want it to be easy. . . ” Um, yeah I don’t think He was super into my whining but thankfully I got over it, put in some “work” and have been able to see results.

3) I am actually capable of being a more disciplined person. My husband is the most disciplined person I know. He actually strives to do his best in all areas of life, and so I took a page from his book and decided to TRY to wake up earlier to read my bible in the morning. And you guys, OK no I haven’t done it every day, not even most days but there have been some days this month when I’ve been up at 5:45am (which might not be impressive to you but is SUPER early for me) and I’ve survived!

4) Starting off the day early with prayer and the Word really is the best.

5) It is possible to stay sane on the internet, I’m still working through some of my information overload issues and balancing out what I want to write and how blogging fits into my life right now but Emily wrote an inspiring post and Manifesto.

6) Parenthood is was the best show on TV and I will miss it dearly. I’m still mourning last night’s finale and yes, I bawled through the whole thing. Seriously people if you have not watched it, you can check it out on Netflix. It is that good.

7) Creativity leads to more creativity: I started working through The Artist’s Way this year and it’s stirred up all kinds of things but one of the exercises is to do “Morning Pages”, basically just write for three pages. Truth- I don’t do it everyday because “discipline” BUT I have been doing it many days and it’s led to all kinds of creative juices flowing, ideas, projects, etc. I even made skirts for Sweet Girl’s Barbies!

Doesn't Cinderella look lovely in polka dots?
Doesn’t Cinderella look lovely in polka dots?

8) I’m an idea person and logistics kind of bug me. Seriously I’m trying to put together an event that I am totally thrilled about but like the details I’m not so excited about. I just want everyone be there already and connect, I’m tired of emailing people about facility space and AV equipment, boring. . .

Anyway friends, how about you? What did you all learn in January?

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  1. Ooh I totally understand what you mean about getting back into the swing of things after being sick. I’ve been sick too (still kinda sick but on the very last legs) and I just couldn’t get back into the work, the discipline, and the rhythm of life. It’s been hard and yeah, I whined to God too. I’m ever grateful for His love and grace. He understands when we’re weak! Saying hello from Emily’s linkup party 🙂

  2. Hi There.:) Stopping by from Emily’s link-up. I don’t always get up early either but I am trying- the day is so much better when I do. I also am going to read The Artist’s Way this year and was glad to hear you are reading it and finding it helpful.

  3. Well, I learned I miss YOU and Moms Inc and Cornerstone and SF and California and mild weather. 😉 But, seriously, this post made me miss you! Hope all is well with you and the fam! Aaaand I’m super proud of you for the Barbie skirts! you are awesome! 🙂

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