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That May is National Foster Care awareness month??? It’s OK I didn’t either. But I know now and thought you should know too.

I love May! It’s always been my favorite month. The weather starts to get nice, family celebrations to be had, weddings, graduations; the kids are happy cause it’s almost summer, Mother’s Day and May is my birthday month as well as the birthday month of other loved ones. And now I also love May because it’s Foster Care awareness month. Not because I think the foster care system is perfect, I DO NOT. But I love the “awareness” part, and I love celebrating the amazing, lovely, gracious, people who lovingly open their homes so that the youth of our country will be blessed. I have worked with a lot of kids that have come from “the system” and the sad reality is that we really need more loving people to open up their homes to make a difference in these kids lives because there are just way too many kids in the “system”. 

As you may or may not know, I am part of a larger “blogging” community. I am also blessed to be in a small group of blogger on Facebook from all over the country. We “met” through a writing challenge and have continued to encourage and support each other on our blogging journey. We share ideas, information, prayer requests as well as good laughs. One of my sweet sisters in the group is the lovely Jenni Seger. She’s actually the one I learned about foster care awareness month from. Jenni and her husband were recently foster parents to three little ones. Jenni writes about her journey at After the Chapel. She is an amazing woman and I know you all will be blessed by her story. 

And for more info on foster care awareness month: http://www.fostercaremonth.org/Pages/default.aspx
More May goodness coming up next week, including giveaways so stay tuned . . .

Have a lovely weekend!

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