Life Aligned

Life Aligned is knowing yourself; HEART, SOUL, MIND, BODY, SPIRIT- imperfections and all!


Thanks for stopping by my “online home”. You might be asking what is a “life aligned”? Well part of my story  involves living with chronic pain, fibromyalgia. A condition I never would have desired to have as a thread in the fabric of my life. However, over the years I’ve learned that while physical pain is uncomfortable, it is nowhere near as painful as soul pain.

Life hurts or at the very least can feel really uncomfortable or “off” when our time, habits, actions do not align with our core values, passions and priorities. We just don’t feel “right” until we are truly living what we believe with purpose and passion.

While I can get to a place where I can function with pain, it’s still uncomfortable and definitely less than ideal. Less than what I believe God wants for me. Similarly, we can live with distractions, “settle” for things, engage in temporary fixes, but until we live with alignment we miss the ultimate goal or target of the very best for us.

But sometimes we get stuck; we wait for “permission” from God, our parents, friends, culture, ____ to move forward, to chase our dreams, to live with our whole hearts. But here’s the thing; permission needs to come from ourselves. We can’t undo the past but we DO have the power to take ownership of our days and establish the course we want be on moving forward.

I love coaching  so much, because I get to encourage clients who want better days too, who are tired of going through the motions and believe there is more and who get to a place of finally wanting to do something about it.

So here you’ll find encouragement and hopefully some practical help on the blog, as I hope to share pieces of my story and my own journey towards aligned living. You can contact me  for more about how we might be able to work together or how I might be of service as a speaker for your next event. Finally, I love to share what I know so I will be updating my resources page with books and other things I have found helpful and can recommend.

Living out of alignment keeps us following the “shoulds” of others instead of our own truths. Let’s start shaping our own path!

I look forward to pursuing a life of alignment with you.