Aligned Parenting

Summer Book Club

Let's get our families back in alignment together!

Summer is a great time to get back to our most importants, build meaningful experiences and traditions and keep our first things first.

This year I'll be hosting my very first Aligned Parenting Workbook Book Club/ summer read-a-long!

We kick off on June 12 and will wrap up August 26.

The goal is to complete the workbook over the summer—which will give your family a focused plan for how to live out your own values for the next school year (and beyond).

And then be ready to say no to the activities, opportunities and engagements that are not the best "yeses" for your family and YES to activities and commitments that are in alignment with your “most importants”.

There will be a weekly email with suggested exercises, encouragement and practical help for getting your family back in alignment.

You'll also have the option of joining our online community in a private Facebook group for sharing tips, resources and successes!

All you need is a copy of the workbook and the desire to get clear on your values, let go of lesser things and lead your family with purpose and intention.

What people are saying about the Aligned Parenting Workbook:

“It's a simple, yet impactful, workbook without a lot of fluff. It gets straight to the matter and is easy to work out a plan for your family to hit the target when our kids leave home. It's not just another "parenting" book that tells you how to, or how not to, raise your kids. It gives you the tools to help you identify how you want to raise your children and how to stay in alignment with your goals all along the way.”

“I love the idea of focusing parenting (and therefore a whole family) on values. But even more than that, I loved having some practical help doing that. When you’re a busy parent, sitting down to figure out what you value and how to parent with those in mind feels like the very last thing you have time for. But with the worksheets and exercises in ‘Aligned Parenting,’ Zohary Ross makes that easy and achievable.”

“This IS the handbook I wish I had when my kids were growing up. Zohary has done a GREAT job of distilling down tons of parenting and family advice into something concise that hits the high points and is very do-able. I love it.”

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